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Jasper – The Greek origin of the word "jasper", iaspis, means "spotted stone". This form of semiprecious chalcedony is usually red, brown or green. Its patterns are much less regular and defined than those of agate, the other main chalcedony variety. Another difference between the two is that jaspers are generally opaque, while agates tend to be translucent (or at least contain translucent bands). This distinction stems from the stones' composition. Jasper contains microscopic "grains" of crystalline quartz and agate has microscopic "fibers" of crystalline quarts. Jasper derives its colorful patterns from other minerals present and is often named according to its pattern. It has a dull luster but takes a fine polish, and its hardness and other physical properties are those of quartz. Jasper is often sealed with petroleum products. Its polish might wash away in water, so clean with a soft, dry cloth. This gem was a favorite in the ancient world, and the name jasper can be traced back in Hebrew, Assyrian, Persian, Greek and Latin. In the fourth century, it was called the great "rain-bringer", and it has been thought to strengthen the stomach and cure gynecological troubles. Some also use it to drive away evil spirits and protect against snake and spider bites. It supposedly gives you the courage to speak out and the bravery to achieve personal independence. Landscape jaspers are amongst the most popular varieties. Jasper is mined in North Africa, Sicily, France, India, Venezuela, Germany, the US and elsewhere. There are many, many different Jaspers...these are a few of the ones I like to use.

Fancy Jasper – an opaque creamy beige or gray stone with lavender, green, pink, orange or red swirls and specks.

Fire Jasper – stands out with earthy shades of red, terra cotta, gray and brown.

Green Leaf Jasper – green patterns against a black matrix brings to mind a tree in the afternoon shade.

Ocean Jasper – is silicified rhyolite flow from the northwest coast of Madagascar. It's reminiscent of foam as it recedes back into the ocean, with its wavy patterns of green-gray, white, cream, beige, brown, pink and maroon.

Picture Jasper – petrified mud with streaks of color (usually shades of brown) that look like landscapes, anything from desert sand dunes to rocky mountains to a dry riverbed. It is formed by mud rich with quartz that oozed and dripped into pockets of gas formed by molten lava. The heat from the exposure turns the mod solid almost instantly. Picture jasper is found in Idaho and Oregon and has been used as a psychological tool. It's said to help with the re-evaluation of life's issues.

Poppy Jasper – a red, pink and black gemstone so named because it looks like a bunch of pink and red poppies.

Rainbow Jasper – red brown and tan jasper found in northern California and South Africa. A "sustaining stone" said to be helpful in times of low energy.

Wild Horse Jasper – an alluring combination of white with brown and small tan spots.

Jet – This organic material is a type of lignite coal, which is actually carbonized driftwood. Jet is usually warm to the touch and may become electrically charged when rubbed with wool. Its name is derived from the old French jaiet, which came from the Latin word gagates after the River Gages, where it was first mined. It has a low to moderate hardness and is easily burned. It's extremely lightweight, making it ideal for large pieces of jewelry. Only clean with warm soapy water. Jet has historically been considered protective against illness, the evil eye and personal attacks. England is the major source of jet, but other suppliers include Canada, France, Germany, Spain and the US.

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