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Two Moons Hye Jewelry: TYPES OF SILVER
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Traditional Sterling Silver, an alloy of 92.5% silver with 7.5% copper. You'll find Sterling items stamped with "Sterling" or "925".

Argentium Sterling Silver, a modern alloy which replaces some of the copper with germanium. It still has the high shine we're used to with sterling silver but the use of germanium severely inhibits the formation of tarnish.

Thai Karen Hill Tribe Silver is usually 95-97% silver with a dull matte like finish. This high grade of silver is used because it is softer and more malleable allowing the use of hand tools to etch, carve and shape each piece individually. These pieces are extremely rich and detailed in their design.

In the early 1960's King Rama IX and Queen Sirikit, undertook to help the Karen people develop an alternative to growing their traditional cash crop – opium. As part of a royal project, silver experts were dispatched to impart their knowledge of jewelry to the farmers of the Karen Hill Tribe.

The first generation of Karen silversmiths was taught to carefully handcraft each design from scratch, using high-content silver (usually 97% +). They learned to give each design a unique appearance seen only in their own creations. The skills and traditions have passed down and today each handmade ornament is a unique masterpiece that represents centuries of Karen culture and art. Their jewelry is often engraved with plant, animal or geometric designs, symbolizing their direct connection to their land and water.

Bali Silver is 92.5% silver handcrafted by Balinese silver artisans. Their pieces are distinctive with ornamental granulation (clusters of tiny dots of silver) and wirework.

Artisan Silver, items I acquire from individual artisans who design and cast their own creations. These unique beads, pendants and clasps are all sterling silver and are handmade by the artist or under the artist's watchful eyes.

"Handmade Artisan Jewelry from the Heart of the Central Texas Hill Country"

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