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Two Moons Hye Jewelry: JEWELRY CARE
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To maintain the beauty of your silver jewelry…….

• Remove jewelry before washing dishes, swimming or bathing. Especially if using any product containing bleach, ammonia, alcohol, or turpentine.

• Always put on jewelry after you put on your makeup and use hairspray.

• Clean before storing and store properly. (see below)

• Stones may loosen over time, so check before putting them away.

• Wear your jewelry often. Body oils will slow the tarnishing process.

Storing your jewelry……..

• Store silver in an air-tight protective bag made of tarnish proof cloth or a plastic zip-lock bag made of Mylar (turkey cooking bags) or polyethylene. Some plastics contain sulfur compounds which can cause your jewelry to tarnish faster or stain, so do not use polyvinyl plastic bags. Zip-lock bags work well.

• Avoid storing your silver jewelry on wood surfaces, especially oak, because wood usually contains acids that can mar the finish.

• Store your jewelry flat or loosely rolled. This helps prevent the beading wire from kinking and chains from tangling.

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